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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Five Things You Need to Know About Juvenile Justice

Unlike adult criminal courts whose focus is primarily punishment and deterrence, the juvenile court system is focused on rehabilitating delinquent children through a wide variety of programs to make them responsible and productive members of the community Nonetheless, any parent should be concerned about the collateral consequences of certain juvenile court adjudications. Juvenile adjudications − […]

Pennsylvania Is Ramping Up Its Fight Against Drug Crimes Committed By Gang Members

Has someone you love been swept up in the newest dragnet of the war on drugs? The hue-and-cry for drug traffickers and gang members is increasing, and our state officials and law enforcement officers feel compelled to sate the public demand with tough action, meaning more arrests and longer sentences. The State of Pennsylvania just […]

Defending Yourself Against Pennsylvania Drug Distribution or Trafficking Charges

The “war on drugs” is in full force in Pennsylvania. At a recent press conference, Pennsylvania law enforcement officials displayed handguns, a sawed off shotgun, $50,000 in cash, $300,000 worth of cocaine, $75,000 worth of heroin and a vehicle equipped with a trap-door in which to hide contraband. This was just part of the haul […]

Distracted Driving — It’s a Danger to All

Earlier this year in Berks County, a tour bus driver was fired from his job for driving while scrolling through his smartphone emails and texts. At one point he reached for another electronic device and took his hands off the steering wheel while the bus was moving. His distracted driving was caught on video by […]


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