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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Prescription Crimes in Pennsylvania

Not all drug crimes involve back-alley dealings and hard-core street narcotics. Prescription fraud is also a serious offense. Yet people all too often assume that a controlled substance crime is somehow less serious because it involves a drug with legitimate medical uses. Nevertheless, drug offenses involving prescribed pills have emerged as a growing problem to […]

Seeking a Pardon in Pennsylvania

A serious criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. Moreover, expungement for adult convictions in Pennsylvania is generally limited to summary convictions. As a result, most people have few options for removing a blemish from their records. If you are committed to removing a conviction from your record that does not […]

Sentencing and State Parole Violations

Many people misunderstand how criminal sentences work. As a result, defendants often struggle during plea bargain negotiations to realize what a particular sentencing range actually means in terms of time in prison. Typically, Pennsylvania state court prison sentences are handed down in terms of a range. Whether you serve the top end, bottom end or […]

Drug Treatment Courts Hailed as Successful

Drug and alcohol treatment courts clearly depart from the traditional judicial model. Nevertheless, their effectiveness in preventing recidivism and promoting true rehabilitation has been noted in nearly every jurisdiction where they are used. In Berks County, the Drug/Mental Health Treatment Court program began operation in 2005 to target a population of non-violent probation and parole […]

Employment Opportunities for People with Criminal Histories

The American criminal justice system has often been criticized as little more than a revolving door through which disadvantaged people spend the bulk of their lives in prison with brief interludes of freedom interspersed. Unfortunately, such a view is not completely unjustified. Even ex-convicts with an earnest desire to turn their lives around after release […]


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