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Murder via Breastfeeding: A Crime Made Possible by Opioids

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has long stated that even infants of new mothers battling addiction can benefit greatly from breastfeeding. However, the organization does recognize the varying circumstances at play when mothers are addicted to drugs. In Pennsylvania, one mother has been charged with criminal homicide after her 11-week-old son died from a combination […]

Prescription Crimes in Pennsylvania

Not all drug crimes involve back-alley dealings and hard-core street narcotics. Prescription fraud is also a serious offense. Yet people all too often assume that a controlled substance crime is somehow less serious because it involves a drug with legitimate medical uses. Nevertheless, drug offenses involving prescribed pills have emerged as a growing problem to […]

Drug Treatment Courts Hailed as Successful

Drug and alcohol treatment courts clearly depart from the traditional judicial model. Nevertheless, their effectiveness in preventing recidivism and promoting true rehabilitation has been noted in nearly every jurisdiction where they are used. In Berks County, the Drug/Mental Health Treatment Court program began operation in 2005 to target a population of non-violent probation and parole […]

The Five Types of Pennsylvania Drug Charges

Pennsylvania drug laws are tough and often carry severe penalties, including mandatory sentencing. The law recognizes a wide spectrum of drug infractions and crimes, from misdemeanors — such as being caught with a small amount of marijuana on your person — to felony drug trafficking charges. Because there are so many circumstances that can affect […]

Who Has Jurisdiction Over Drug Crimes?

Most criminal offenses, including homicide, DWI/DUI, burglary, and assault and battery, are chargeable under state laws, but who has jurisdiction for certain crimes can be less clear-cut.  The fact is that many drug busts are the result of investigative cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including the May 2013 arrest of 25 […]

A Heroin and Prescription Drug Epidemic in Pennsylvania

Three steps you can take to protect your family There was a recent article about heroin addiction in The Mercury that might scare any parent of an adolescent or young adult. Law enforcement officers are reporting an increase in the use and abuse of heroin and related prescription drugs across all social classes in Reading […]


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