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Pennsylvania Parents Charged After Teens’ Drinking Party

A Pennsylvania husband and wife face criminal charges after reportedly allowing about 300 teenagers to party at their home in a Philadelphia suburb. The couple was charged with providing alcohol to minors, corruption of minors and disorderly conduct. A 17-year-old boy believed to be the couple’s son was also charged with underage possession and consumption of alcohol.

According to police, the teenager had heavily promoted the party on social media. Officers were called to the home after receiving several complaints of underage drinking and loud music. When officers arrived at the scene, hundreds of teenagers were found partying both inside and outside the house. There were empty beer cans, plastic cups, cases of beer and other party supplies strewn across the property.

The partygoers began to flee as soon as they saw officers arriving at the scene. One of the parents reportedly approached the officers and said the kids had permission to drink beer and smoke marijuana at his home. He was arrested the next day — and his wife was arrested the day after when she arrived to post bail for her husband.

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