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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Remember: Your Arrest Might Not Lead to Conviction

Just because you are placed under arrest does not mean the criminal charges filed will result in a conviction. The following are some of the situations that most commonly do not lead to a conviction: The offense is relatively insignificant. Prosecutors often view certain types of crimes as being eligible for a pre-trial diversionary program. […]

What Happens After Your Custodial Arrest in Pennsylvania?

Being placed under physical arrest can be a frightening and intimidating experience. Few people know what to expect in these circumstances. In general, you will go through the following process: You are placed under arrest and taken to a location to be booked. After booking, you must wait in jail or in a holding cell […]

Understanding Juvenile Drug Possession Laws

Juvenile drug possession occurs when any person under the age of 18 knowingly possesses a controlled substance without a legal reason to do so. Minors could be subject to harsh penalties when found guilty of drug possession — although these cases are generally not handled in standard trial courts. Instead, their cases are sent to […]

Laws Governing the Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs

Manufacturing controlled substances is prohibited by federal and state law unless you are appropriately licensed to do so by both federal and state authorities. This issue most commonly arises in situations in which a person is either growing marijuana or cooking methamphetamine, but it can apply to any situation in which a controlled substance is […]


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