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Potential Legal Consequences of DUIs

As attitudes toward driving after drinking have changed over the last couple decades, the laws have changed as well to become harsher on people charged with DUIs. In most states, you could face conviction if you have a blood alcohol content level equal to or greater than .08 while behind the wheel, or if you […]

Various Types of White Collar Crime

White collar crime refers to various types of crime commonly associated with the business world. The following is a list of some of the most common types of white collar crime:  Bank fraud. Brank fraud is a type of fraud specifically committed against a banking institution. It could involve fraudulent checks or loans, or certain […]

Classifying Crimes by Severity

Whenever a crime is committed, it generally falls into one of three different categories: “summary offense,” “misdemeanor” or “felony.” But what exactly are the specific differences in each of these three categories, and how do courts determine which crimes fall into each category?  The following is some more information on each of these three classifications:  […]

Pittsburgh Fraud, Uganda Counterfeit Schemes Linked in Unusual Case

A federal investigation in Pittsburgh revealed that fraud that was occurring within the city was actually linked to counterfeit money schemes based in Uganda, a surprising end to investigations that began around Christmas of 2013.  The original incident that sparked the investigation happened at a Peet’s Coffee in Pittsburgh. Joseph Graziano Jr., who three months […]

Filing an Appeal When Convicted of a Crime

Just because you are found guilty in your criminal case does not necessarily mean that your case is over. If you believe that you have been subject to a wrongful conviction, you do have the option to either move for a new trial or seek an appeal.  An appeal would send your case to a […]

Defense Methods Available for People Charged with Drug Possession

When you are charged with the possession of illegal drugs, whether for personal use or for the intent to sell, there are specific defenses that you might be able to use depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.  The following are a few common defense strategies against drug possession charges, some of which are used […]

Potential Defense Strategies for DUI Charges

Pennsylvania, like the rest of the United States, takes charges of driving under the influence (DUI) extremely seriously. People convicted of DUI charges face a wide variety of possible punishments, ranging from having to use interlock ignition devices to being sentenced to jail time or serious fines.  However, there are certain defense strategies available to […]

Expunging Juvenile Court Records

If you have a record of juvenile offenses, you may be able to file a petition for expungement in court to clear that record. This would allow for that crime to no longer show up on your background checks when applying for jobs, loans, apartments and more.  You do need to meet certain standards of […]

Mobile Street Crimes Unit in Harrisburg Leads to 239 Arrests

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane recently announced that a task force instituted to combat the presence of prevalent violent and drug-related crime has been successful in Harrisburg. The Mobile Street Crimes Unit that was deployed to the state capitol resulted in the arrests of 239 people for a variety of drug and violence-related crimes.   […]

Can You Vote in Pennsylvania If You’ve Been Convicted of a Crime?

Between recent voter ID laws, rumors of voter fraud and the ever-present concerns about the reliability of voting technology, it seems one of our greatest privileges as American citizens is a source of constant debate, controversy and anxiety. One of the most contentious and confusing aspects of voting rights, though, is the way a criminal […]


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