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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Bill to Change Definition of Crime Victim

The most recent session of the Pennsylvania state legislature featured some contentious debates over various pieces of legislation and issues. Perhaps the most important development of the session was the passage of Senate Bill 897. The new law expands the definition of a victim of a crime to include nonprofit organizations, businesses and other entities. […]

How Does Bail Work in Pennsylvania?

When you are arrested and put in jail, your first thought is likely to question how you can get out — and quickly. In most cases, the fastest way to get yourself out of jail is by posting bail. Bail can be posted in the form of cash, a bond or property you give to […]

What is House Arrest and When is it Applied?

If you are put under house arrest, it usually means you are confined to your home rather than having to go to a juvenile detention or prison facility. It is often cited as an affordable alternative to imprisonment, especially for people who are considered to be a low risk to society. People under house arrest […]

What Happens if Your Roommate Consents to a Police Search?

Generally, police officers must have a warrant to enter your home and search your property, unless they have your permission to do so. But what happens if you’re not home and a roommate consents to a police search of your property? There can be a legal gray area when it comes to search consent among […]

What Happens in Cases Involving Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct occurs when a law enforcement officer somehow violates the law while on the job. However, not every single violation of the law can be considered police misconduct. For example, a police officer speeding while in pursuit of a suspect is technically a violation of speed limit laws, but in this case, the infraction […]

How Do Felony Arrest Warrants Work?

When someone commits a crime, but was not arrested in the course of actually committing it, courts may issue arrest warrants giving police officers the necessary authority to charge the suspect with a crime and make the arrest. A felony arrest warrant is the specific type of warrant issued in a crime classified as a […]

Pennsylvania Man Receives Long Prison Sentence for Wire Fraud

A Pennsylvania man was recently sentenced to 14 ½ years in prison after being found guilty in helping to coordinate an international wire fraud scheme. The 36-year-old man, Sahil Patel, was found guilty of four charges, including conspiring to impersonate government officials and to commit wire fraud. He was also ordered to pay $1 million […]

Berks County Man Accused of Taking Part in Arson/Burglary Crime Circle

Three different people were arrested in relation to a series of burglaries and arsons at 27 different homes throughout Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. According to law enforcement officials, one of these was a man from Berks County, Kevin Colosimo, who resides in Douglassville. He was arrested on the morning of Tuesday, February 3 along […]

Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Human Trafficking and Drug Charges

When police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania made a routine traffic stop along Interstate 81, they likely never would have guessed what awaited them. According to police, the vehicle contained several thousand baggies of heroin, as well as four teenage girls being trafficked by two adults in the vehicle. The vehicle was originally pulled over for a […]

Lancaster County Using Ankle Bracelets to Help Prevent DUIs

Lancaster County is about to put some brand-new technology on display for people who have been convicted of repeat DUIs. Beginning in 2015, all people who receive a repeat DUI charge in the county will face stricter conditions of bail. In addition to being forced to abide by strict curfews and random alcohol and drug […]


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