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What is a DUI Checkpoint?

DUI checkpoints, also known as DUI roadblocks or sobriety checkpoints, are becoming an increasingly popular tool used by law enforcement agencies across the country to help combat widespread issues with drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But what exactly are these checkpoints and how are they deployed? Here’s a quick overview. What […]

Pennsylvania Man Charged with DUI After Setting Up Fake Checkpoint

A Pennsylvania man found himself in a great deal of legal trouble after being arrested for driving under the influence. According to police, he had set up a fake drunk driving checkpoint, only to be charged with a DUI himself once actual police officers arrived at the scene to investigate. According to authorities in Somerset, […]

Prom Weekend Means More DUI Checkpoints in Pennsylvania

Going to prom is one of those experiences that almost every teenager looks forward to all year long. Unfortunately, for some minors, it’s also an invitation to illegally consume alcohol. Pennsylvania law enforcement officials are well aware of the fact that drinking alcohol can be a part of prom weekend, and so in recent years, […]

What to Expect During a DUI Arrest

The last several years have seen a national crackdown on drunk driving.  And Pennsylvania is no exception.  State police and local police departments have stepped up efforts to catch drunk drivers, including strategic use of DUI checkpoints.  Officers at DUI checkpoints briefly interview drivers passing through and detain those who appear intoxicated. Whether police detain […]


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