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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Consequences for Failing to Pay a Traffic Ticket

When a driver receives a ticket, he or she has two options: admit their guilt and pay the fine, or contest the ticket and citation in traffic court. A failure to pay the ticket when required to do so could result in additional consequences that range in severity depending on the circumstances of your case. […]

Common Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension

License suspension and revocation are available sentences for certain types of crimes. Here are just a few examples of reasons why a court may choose to suspend or revoke your license. DUI/DWI convictions: Most states have mandatory minimum penalties for DUI/DWI convictions, which may include automatic license suspension. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your conviction, […]

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges? One of the first steps you should take when being charged is to seek a criminal defense attorney who can advocate for you in court. If you’ve never been charged with a crime and have never worked with an attorney, it can be difficult to know where to begin in […]

What to Do if You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime

It is an unfortunate reality that false criminal accusations can and do happen. Even though they aren’t a rampant problem, they do happen frequently enough that it is important for you to know what steps to take if it happens to you. A victim or witness could accidentally identify the wrong suspect, or circumstances of […]

Pennsylvania Still Has the Death Penalty, While Other States Continue to Move Away From It

Pennsylvania had a big year of criminal justice reforms in 2019. But so far, one change that has not gotten any traction (or even much discussion at all) is the potential to move away from the death penalty, even as other states around the nation continue to abandon it. Two thirds of states in the […]


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