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Monthly Archives: February 2014

What Are “Reasonable Grounds” to Compel Chemical Testing for DUI in PA?

Pennsylvania has an implied consent law. Anyone who drives on the commonwealth’s roads has already consented to a blood, urine or breath test to determine the driver’s blood alcohol content level or the presence of controlled substances. But that’s only true when reasonable grounds exist. If the police have reasonable grounds to compel a test, […]

Who Has Jurisdiction Over Drug Crimes?

Most criminal offenses, including homicide, DWI/DUI, burglary, and assault and battery, are chargeable under state laws, but who has jurisdiction for certain crimes can be less clear-cut.  The fact is that many drug busts are the result of investigative cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including the May 2013 arrest of 25 […]

Balancing the Costs of Incarceration with the Goal of Rehabilitation

The United States seems to go through periods when the government cracks down on crime, arresting people and seeking imposition of jail time for even minor offenses. Then it swings to the other side, and we see those who should be incarcerated receive probation. To avoid overcrowding of jails and to keep costs reasonable, a […]

How Does Probation Work?

The possibility of going to jail is the biggest concern for most people charged with serious crimes. Being convicted of a crime and having a sentence with jail time imposed is frightening and life-changing. Your freedoms are eliminated and, while in jail, you are required to adhere to a strict set of rules and policies. […]

Traffic Tickets Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

While a moving violation for an offense such as speeding or careless driving is certainly less severe than DUI or fleeing an accident scene, it can significantly affect your life. Minor violations can affect your driving record, which in turn may result in increased insurance premiums. And for repeat offenders, the penalties are more severe. […]

Passengers in Underage DUI

DUI while under the legal drinking age is not the only way to get into extra trouble. Drinking drivers under 21 who get behind the wheel put everyone’s safety in jeopardy, whether they are in the same car or elsewhere on the road. And when they are pulled over, questioned by police and charged with […]


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